Welcome to the Kokoro Chirari Anime Community~

Hi, I'm Arisa and I am your moderator for kokoro_chirari . Membership is moderated, but pretty much anyone can join :) This community is for anime and anime only. Please comment on our entries :) The more comments -> the more uploads.

I am looking for uploaders who can post weekly anime, OSTs, Scans, and other Anime Series.

1) Only scans are welcomed when it comes to graphics (under a cut  though).

2) Please do not post links that go to a locked journal.

3) No flaming in the comments, I will ban you from the community.

4) If you post a link to download a video within the community, you must also post a/some screencaps or some sort of picture.

5) The only music allowed here are soundtracks and op/eds from anime.

6) Tags are your friends.

7) Please friends-lock your posts.

That's it~

Format for posting:
- If you are uploading a show that is complete, please post info about the  anime Just make sure it is organized. And dont forget a picture :)
-  If you are updating weekly you only have to put up the basic information (title, plot, genre, etc.) for the first episode.